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    मुस्करा कर मिला करो हमसे
    कुछ कहा और सुना करो हमसे
    बात करने से बात बढती है
    रोज़ बातें किया करो हमसे

    • Transliterate
      Muskura kar mila karo humse
      Kuch kaha aur suna karo hamse
      Baat karne se baat badhti hai
      Roz baten kiya karo hamse
    • Translation
      To see you smile when we meet
      To share with, and listen to, each-other
      Do talk to me, not just once in a while but often
      And as we share our stories, may we discover new ones together

Interactions, Connections and strengthening Relations excites us!
We look forward to hear from you.

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