We produce transformative results for your organization’s most valuable asset- your people, equipping them with enabling attitudes and skills. From frontline workers to CXOs, we provide myriad learning programs that elevate individual and organizational capability. We derive the X factor by leveraging mythology, history, and integrating wisdom from the east and the west. Contemporary research and the insights from lives touched contribute to our training programs, developmental workshops, human laboratories and motivational talks.

Inner Transformation

The change that happens within has a far reaching impact than the one brought about by external stimuli. A quest for self-discovery, realization of true meaning and uncovering one’s hidden potential require inner transformation. Unlocking one’s potential, in the absence of a sounding board can be trying. Finding the right path becomes easier with a catalyst or a marg-darshak. You need that ‘extra’ and this is where Potentia comes in. By reinforcing positive psychology, we assist in inner engineering to support participants connect with their deepest ‘self’. Our interventions carry a double-loop learning. In the process, we gain with every interaction, and evolve continuously. Most importantly, we follow an inside-out approach, preaching only what we practice.

Behavioral Change

High performance teams display interpersonal sensitivity, willingness to collaborate and emotional maturity.. These behaviors are enabled by the organization’s culture. Behavior leads to habits, habits to character and character creates winning organizations. Across industry segments – be it a start-up, an emerging company or a stable organization, our suite of development programs provide customized offerings addressing participant needs. Our facilitation supports technology-enabled handholding that sustains much beyond the classroom.

Leadership Capability

Managers directly impact resource mobilization, enforce discipline, derive high team productivity, and achieve their companies’ targets. Often, the difference between an organization’s accomplishment and failure lies in its managers crossing the threshold to leadership. Organizations require their task-obsessed managers to transcend and lead for the outcomes such as delighted customers, engaged workforce and championing innovation. The way we add meaning to clients riding the change comes through a science that nurtures people leadership. From achieving aggressive sales to cultural transformation, a leader must bring the art of leadership to the fore. She should be able to convert every employee into a contributing member and not just reduce them to a cog in the wheel. A professional groomed at Potentia institute lifts up the spirits and ensures that every troupe member feels valued. Our programs help managers traverse the vicissitudes in their context and roles to launch them into the next orbit- be it the frontline managers interfacing with customers or the CXOs responsible for bottomline or the CEO with a penchant for customer-centricity.

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